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*Important Notice

Unfortunately some clubs have decided to copy and make their own B20 cricket bowls equipment, and to go as far as devise their own rules.
**Be Advised**
B20 is a legally registered game and is protected under COPYRIGHT law
Copyright exists and covers all countries
To copy any part of the equipment or rules is illegal under copy rights

What constitutes B20?

*Remember that B20 Cricket Bowls is registered and protected by Copy Right Laws*

Playing Surface

B20 Cricket Bowls shall be:


The wickets shall be:

Scoring Mat

The Scoring mat shall be:

B20 Hand Book (Contained in each B20 cricket set)

The B20 Hand Book shall contain:

As all distances of the playing rink are pre set as per the B20 rules of the game, this includes the distances of the mat and wickets from the ditch,
the "dead line" behind the wicket, and the "long end" and "short end" of play.
These must be observed at all times

From Humble Beginnings

B20 cricket bowls started as a "joke" where we were asked to organize a fun day to raise funds to send one of our juniors to Nationals.

As my wife and I have got to be the most ardent T20 cricket fans we know, we decided to play T20 cricket on a bowling green, if not why not, if you put your mind to it nothing is impossible.

The first game... Well it resembled cricket

At one end of the rink we had a set of wickets made up of plastic tubing, mounted onto a wooden base and the bails was also plastic tube which kept blowing off

The scoring area was a bunch of nails and string which was formed into three squares 800/600/400 and marked 1 run/ 4 runs/ 6 runs

Our club had an absolute gas playing the game, the rules was made up as we went

So much did our club enjoy the game we was asked to sort out something more stable for wickets and a mat that could be laid and lifted

Other clubs came to play and they wanted us to make the sets of wickets and mats so

Firstly we registered the game and the new rules under Copyright law

If one looks at where we started with the equipment in the early days to where we have progressed to today its fantastic


We have expanded the equipment to such an extent that S.A Bowls became interested.

As our first mats had square scoring areas B.S.A was not impressed and asked us to go back to the drawing board and look at circles, this being what is used for training and some coaches use circles

Not a problem, back to the drawing board and we made new mats with circles and presented to B.S.A for comment

Back came the answer B.S.A accepted B20 cricket bowls as an official game of bowls targeted towards the younger generation (school age)

When it started to become so popular the dress code for the junior teams were introduced as long as the shirt is the same as a normal bowling shirt and the shorts are tailored and the correct bowling shoes are worn, the outfit can have as many colors as a Rio Carnival

Not only did B.S.A accept it as an official game but Ekurhuleni Bowls took a set and started using it for training and coaching


The game is simply based on 2 bowl trips with wickets, a score mat and changed rules

With there being a score mat with a jack in the centre as an aiming point only this is practice for the draw. With wickets this is the "pound on" shot

All rules of play are in the hand book that is supplied with each set of B20 equipment

Where to now?

As I am writing, sets have gone to Zimbabwe (12 wickets and mats) and we are going into Australia New Zealand Malaysia and India (orders coming through

Who knows how far we will get with this game that started as a joke

The distance to the land of the 'joey' Bruce has taken the rains for the area as he will be departing shortly and as he loves the game as we do he wants to run with it in these countries

Who Knows what lies in the future, we had a query from a bowler in the U.K, he wants to take B20 to England, Spain, and Portugal, we will see

The Indians took a standard game of cricket and developed T20 and what a success that is

Sir Walter Raleigh started in his bloomers with wooden bowls while waiting for the Spanish, we have simply done the same as T20, we kept the game and just changed the format, and its taking off